Rules and Regulations for our Furry Guests​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Some of our rooms are pet-friendly, which means we are happy to host you and your dog (sorry, no other critters allowed) for the duration of your stay. In order for you and your dog to have the best stay possible, we’d like to remind you of just a few tips and regulations:
 - The doggie fee is $10 extra per night.
 - One dog per room.
 - Please only bring your small or medium-sized dogs; rooms are simply not large enough to accomadate larger animals.
 - Please make sure your dog is as clean as possible and free of fleas before bringing them into your room.
If your dog is too big, too rambuctious, or you simply need some time with them out of your face, check out the nearest dog boarding facility: ​ Wags Inn.

Glen Helen is a great place for walking leashed pets; just make sure you clean up after them!

While away from your room, please do not leave your pet unattended. This is to avoid any chance of your dog whining, barking, or disturbing motel property, regardless of how well-mannered they might be.

When exercising your dog at the motel, you’re welcome to use the grassy area on the end of the motel closest to the dumpsters. Please keep them on leash (it’s unfenced and along a busy road) and clean up after.

Like the careful dog-owner you are, if your dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs, please always keep them restrained and by your side. Any damage done by your pet to a person, dog, or property will be your own responsibility.

There are treats for your pups in the office! Please stop by and grab your dog a goody when you get your own snacks.

    If you dog likes to romp around with others, ​​​​​​​​​ Scout Dog Park in Xenia is just 9 miles south of the Motel:
     - Head southwest on US-68 S
     - In 3.7 miles, turn right onto OH-235 N
     - In 0.5 miles, turn left onto Hilltop Rd
     - In 1.9 miles turn left onto Fairground Rd
     - In 1.4 miles turn right onto Hawkins Rd
     - In 1 mile turn left onto Dayton Xenia Rd
     - In 0.8 miles the dog park will be on the left

    Google Map it!