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Take a walk along a leaf-covered Glen trail

Get Outside

Got a kid in high school who's looking to get a groundbreaking education? Or maybe you're a former graduate? Antioch's campus is seemlessly integrated into the town of Yellow Springs. It's a critical peice of this town's heritage. Come see for yourself! Bring a picnic out to the field in front of Antioch Hall.
A nonprofit theater, the Little Art Theater serves our small town as a staple for both avid moviegoers and folks who just want a night out.
Go hiking or camping in John Bryan State Park

Dining in the Springs

  1. Bentino’s Pizza – (937)767-2500
    Just your regular old pizza joint. Bentino’s delivers quickly and makes perfectly carb-laden movie night munchies.
  2. Current Cuisine - (937)767-8291
    Current has huge deli sandwiches, boxed lunches to take away for picnics or eating at a bench downtown, delicious truffles and other chocolates, and assorted groceries like top-notch cheese and crackers. Don’t forget to grab a caramel at the register for 50 cents!
  3. Dino’s Cappuccinos – (937)767-3466
    Dino’s is a little coffee shop, but it packs a punch with a wide assortment of delicious drinks made by wonderful baristas. Free Wi-Fi, a window-facing counter, and a surprising number of Sopranos decorations are all bonuses to heading here for your daily sugar and caffeine desires.
  4. The Emporium - (937)767-7077
    Its full name is "Emporium Wines and the Underdog Cafe," but that's a mouthful and doesn't even do this place justice. Come here for coffee, beer, croissants, wine tastings, local art, and all sorts of folks making great music.
  5. Ha-Ha Pizza – (937)767-2131
    Ha-Ha’s came before Bentino’s, and certainly has an arguably greater Yellow Spring-y vibe. Head in for the salad bar or order by phone to pick up. Also check out their funky outside mural; you can’t miss it! Atypical as pizzerias go, Ha-Ha's bakes green herbs into their crust. Yum!
  6. Williams Eatery - (937)319-6154
    Williams is a sweet space for all your breakfast, lunch, and dinner desires, with a wonderful enclosed patio to boot. Their food is generally American-inspired, and they serve some killer french fries. This restaurant is BYOB, so there's no need to worry over finding a drink that you'll like.
  7. Ye Olde Trail Tavern - (937)767-7448
    The Trail Tavern is a great place to catch a sports game and have a beer. Stop by for the rustic atmosphere and some good old-fashioned bar food.
  8. Peach's Grill - (937)767-4850
    Head on over to Peach's for open-mic night, live music, drinks, and great food. They are located right in-between Ha-Ha Pizza and the bike path that goes through town.
  9. Aahar India - (937)532-5667
    Aahar India used to take over Corner Cone during the winter months, wrapping up and heating the small patio for chilly passerby. Now they are set up year-round in the parking lot by the ice cream shop. Come by for hot and delicious food - especially on one of those colder-than-comfortable days.
This is just a small sampling of all the dining locations available in Yellow Springs. For more information on resatuarants, shops, and events, please head over to the Yellow Springs visitors website: . Thanks!